Facing The Problems Painted On Walls: 3 Tips For Dealing With Exterior Paint Damage

The paint on the exterior of your home is not free of potential problems. Failure of paint on the exterior of your home may cause water damage, rot and structural problems. It is important to regularly inspect the exterior for issues such as, chipped paint, peeling, and caulking that needs to be replaced. Here are some tips to help deal with problems caused by exterior paint:

1. Chips and Cracks That Cause Damage to Materials  

Over the years, the paint on materials like wood and metal can chip or crack. As the chips expose materials to the elements, they will begin to deteriorate. Wood may begin to rot due to water and metal will begin to show signs of rust damage. When you paint wood or metal, it is a good idea to use a good exterior primer before painting, which will help add an extra barrier of protection when paint begins to chip and expose the materials beneath.

2. Water Damage Behind Worn Paint Exposing Your Home to Serious Problems

Behind the old paint, water and moisture can become trapped for various reasons. There may be an area where caulking is damaged or missing causing water to get in. The problem may be caused by chipping paint and wear. As the water becomes trapped, it can be the beginning of a serious water damage problem. If water is only in an isolated area, the repairs will be minimal. If there is a more serious water entry problem, it can cause problems with mold that spread to other areas of your home.

3. Fading and Deterioration of Paint Due to Exposure to Direct Sunlight

The paint on the exterior of your home may also deteriorate due to common wear or even exposure to direct sunlight. It is important to use exterior paints that have components that are meant to protect your home from exposure to UV radiation and weather.  Look for signs of wear such as chalk-like film on painted surfaces or faded colors. For areas that get more direct sunlight, consider using lighter colored paints, which will not show fading and UV damage as much as darker colors.

The exterior paint of your home can wear and cause problems that repairs. Sometimes, the old worn paint may contain lead. Before you attempt to work with old worn paint, contact a hazardous waste service to test and remove any lead paint from your home. 

Contact a company like TransChem Environmental for more information and assistance. 

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